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Prince George’s County Maryland Chapter Norfolk State University Alumni Association

Chapter By-Laws
Adopted: July 1, 2018 Amended: April 28, 2022


This organization shall be known as the Norfolk State University Alumni Association (NSUAA) – Prince George's County Maryland Chapter (PGCMDC).

The purpose of the PGCMDC shall be to organize the Alumni of Norfolk State University in the Central and Metropolitan Maryland area to develop and encourage interest and promote the educational objectives and activities of Norfolk State University.
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Section 1. Any individual who has paid annual dues locally to PGCMDC and NSUAA; been a student of Norfolk State University or any of its predecessors (The Norfolk Unit of Virginia Union University, the Norfolk Polytechnic College, the Norfolk Division of Virginia State College and Norfolk State College), who have an interest in the University, shall be entitled to Membership in the PGCMDC Chapter. This organization expressly encourages spouses of Alumni or friends of the University to be included in any activity in which they wish to participate.

Section 2. Only Chapter Members who are Alumni of Norfolk State University shall have the right to serve as Executive Officers (President, 1st Vice-President, and 2nd Vice-President).

Section 3. Annual Membership will run from July 1st of the year, to June 30th of the following year. This is also the fiscal year for NSUAA and will be the fiscal year for PGCMDC. Section 4. The Executive Committee members shall be elected for a term of 3 years. Section 5. Executive Committee and Chapter Members shall attend seventy-five percent of all called meetings.

Section 6. The President will establish committees when deemed necessary.

Section 7. Committees may have Co-Chairs to ensure that one person is not overly burdened with any one event or project. Committee Co-Chairs may recruit team members from the general Membership of the Chapter. The Executive Officers will act in the capacity of resource members to the project Co-Chairs for whatever tasks need to be performed for the common good of the Chapter.

Section 8. It is the obligation of each Executive Committee member, or committee member to fully disclose any direct or indirect interest in financial transactions or other issues coming before the Chapter. Thereafter, the officer, chapter member, or committee member must refrain from voting on or discussing matters related to that issue so as to avoid a conflict of interest.
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a) President
1. Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the chapter; providing overall guidance, supervision, and direction to the Executive Committee and the Membership.
2. Serves as the official spokesperson for the chapter on all matters.
3. Approves all financial transactions according to the approved budget.
4. Executes directives of the Executive Committee.
5. Reviews and signs all contracts entered into by the chapter.
6. Forward approved copies of minutes to the corresponding secretary for distribution.
7. The President serves as a non-voting member unless the proper vote as deemed by the Parliamentarian or other officer as a quorum ends in a tie.
8. For in-person meetings, the president or his designee will secure a physical location.

b) First Vice President
1. Provides reports on the progress of each assigned committee’s goals and activities to the Executive Committee for review and discussion prior to distribution to the full chapter.
2. Forward committee reports to the Corresponding Secretary within the scheduled deadline(s) to be distributed with an agenda for the next scheduled meeting(s).
3. Represents the chapter in the President’s absence.
4. Reviews all contracts entered into by the chapter and perform other duties as assigned.
5. In the absence of the President, the First Vice President serves as a non-voting member unless the proper vote as deemed by the Parliamentarian or other officer as a quorum ends in a tie.
6. For executive committee and chapter meetings, the first vice president will set up and coordinate virtual meetings.

c) Second Vice President
1. Represents the chapter in the absence of the President and First Vice President.
2. Chair ad hoc and assigned special committees as appointed by the President.
3. Performs other duties as assigned.
4. In the absence of the President and the First Vice President, the Second Vice President serves as a non-voting member unless the proper vote as deemed by the Parliamentarian or other officer as a quorum ends in a tie.
5. In the absence of both the recording and corresponding secretaries, the second vice president will perform all duties.
6. In the absence of the Corresponding Secretary, performs all duties.

d) Recording Secretary
1. Provides accurate written summary of action taken on each agenda item at all meetings of the Executive Committee and chapter. Use of a recording device is strongly encouraged.
2. Submits draft of minutes to the chapter president within 7 days after any meeting. Attach all copies of all committee reports to the minutes.
3. Maintains an accurate and complete record of minutes of all Executive Committee and Chapter Meetings.
4. Maintains current copies of the approved chapter Bylaws.
5. Maintains current copies of the approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
6. Maintains an accurate and current record of the chapter’s membership, having a membership roster provided by the Membership chair.

e) Corresponding Secretary
1. E-Mail notifications to the appropriate sources and the Membership.
2. Maintains an accurate and current record of the Financial Members contact information.
3. Maintain and distribute Chapter calendar to the Chapter Membership.
4. Handle other official correspondence as directed by the President or Vice Presidents, and other duties as assigned.
5. In the absence of the Recording Secretary, performs all duties.

f) Financial Secretary
1. Reviews financial transactions to verify pre-approval and to ensure that all required documents are attached.
2. Records all financial transactions.
3. Provides current paid Membership list to the chapter.
4. Prepares reports on finances for the Chapter Membership.
5. Along with the Treasurer, provides internal audit for the chapter at the end of the fiscal year.

g) Treasurer
1. Deposits within ten (10) business days all finances received from the Financial Secretary and other sources.
2. Provides, with the assistance of the Financial Secretary, reports on financial members.
3. Performs other duties as assigned.
4. At the expiration of the Treasurer’s term of office, all funds, records, papers, and other Chapter property shall be transferred to his or her successor.
5. Along with the Financial Secretary an audit of financial records shall be done the 3rd year of each presidential term.

h) Chaplain
1. Provides words of encouragement and opening/closing prayer at all meetings, chapter programs and events.
2. Distribute bereavement and Get-Well cards to Members who have lost a loved one, is experiencing illness, or hospitalized.
3. Provides words of encouragement and guidance for chapter members experiencing life events.
4. Will establish and discuss with the Executive Committee the budget or spending amount for bereavement, get well cards and life events.
5. In absence of the chaplain, the president will designate someone at his pleasure to complete the chaplain's duties.

i) Parliamentarian
1. Maintains oversight of the Chapter’s compliance with its established By-Laws, and Parliamentary rules.
2. Receives proposed changes and/or amendments on the Chapter’s By-Laws and forward proposals to the Executive Committee.
3. Perform other duties as assigned.
4. Prepare review of the By-Laws every 6 years.
5. The Parliamentarian, a non-voting position, is appointed by the President.

j) Past President
1. Serves as Advisor to the President and Executive Committee on Chapter matters.
2. Chair Ad hoc and special committees as appointed by the President.
3. The Immediate Past President will serve in the capacity of this position. If the Immediate Past President is not available, the current President may select a past President to serve in the capacity and fulfill the duties.

k) Historian
1. The Historian shall be the official keeper of the narrative account of the Association’s activities and artifacts, which, when approved by the Executive Committee, shall become a permanent part of the organization’s official history.
2. The Historian shall be responsible for the collection of all printed and other artifacts materials related to the Association.
3. All materials will be cataloged and stored in the University Archives.
4. The Historian shall serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee
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a) Membership Committee
1. Develop programs and activities to increase the Chapter membership and to maintain the existing membership.
2. Work with the Office of Alumni Relations/National NSUAA to communicate directly with Alumni across the PGCMDC area about the chapter and upcoming events.
3. Coordinate with Office of Alumni Relations and NSU Admissions to obtain materials for distribution at college fairs.
4. Serve on the NSUAA Membership Committee if required.

b) Fundraising/Annual Giving Committee
1. Plan and execute activities to raise funds for the Annual Giving Program at Norfolk State University.
2. The chapter shall contribute 5% of its total annual giving to the Alumni Fund of the Norfolk State University Alumni Association.
3. The chapter will contribute 10% of its total annual giving to the Lyman B. Brooks Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.

c) Scholarships Committee
1. Provide supervision of the Chapter’s Scholarship program and ensure that awards are granted and distributed properly.
2. Develops criteria for eligibility and dates for qualified students for the following types of scholarships:
    1. Legacy
    2. Book
    3. Academic

d) Budget/Finance Committee
1. Plan and develop a proposed Chapter budget annually and maintain fiscal practices and programs to support the Chapter’s financial needs.
2. Responsibility includes authorizing internal audits and bonding procedures.
3. The Budget/Finance Committee needs to finalize the proposed budget and present it to the Executive Committee at the March meeting.
4. The proposed budget as approved by the Executive Committee is sent to the Chapter for review before the April meeting.
5. During the April Chapter meeting the proposed budget for the following fiscal year shall be voted upon for approval.

e) Homecoming Committee
1. Serve on the NSU Homecoming Committee
2. The Chair will share all NSU Homecoming activities/information with the Chapter.

f) Nominations and Elections Committee
1. The President shall appoint the Nominating Committee Chair. It shall be composed of five members of the chapter in good standing and not on a ballot for any position or upcoming election.
2. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall organize the election process and record all voting by absentee ballot, (established prior to election), and or present voting of paid members only.

g) Technology and Social Media Committee
1. Review and approve plans for major technology usage on projects and decisions.
2. Provide strategic planning and input on technology and social media projects.
3. Provide input on the financial resources allocated to technology.
4. Communicate technological issues to the Executive Committee of the chapter.
5. Stay informed of major technological advancement and initiatives and communicate information to chapters and the Executive Committee as deemed necessary.
6. Monitor and manage all Social Media platforms, maintain an online presence and review content with the Executive Committee prior to posting. 7. Address budgeting (equipment, software, training, etc.) and present a monthly report to the Vice President, overseeing the committee.

h) Special Committees
The President may appoint special committees for particular tasks as appropriate.
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a) Regular meetings of the Chapter should be held at a time/place designated by the Executive Committee and voted on by the chapter.

b) Quorums: Need to be established for Executive Committee Meetings as well as for Chapter Meetings
1. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Committee Members 2. A quorum shall consist of a majority of paid Chapter Members (A quorum consist of the majority of the average attendance at chapter meetings)


These By-Laws may be amended at any stated official Chapter meeting by a Majority vote of the Members present whereas a quorum is established. By-Laws may be amended electronically if there are circumstances preventing voting in regular session. Notice of proposed amendments shall be given 30 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be voted upon. Amendments must be submitted in writing.

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, shall be the basis of authority for the chapter and shall govern in cases not covered by the bylaws. However, if these rules hinder proceedings, members may vote to set the rules aside for greater expediency. If there are any objections to forgoing the rules, a majority of present members must agree to lay them aside.

In the event of Chapter dissolution, all of its assets and net income, current and accumulated, remaining after the payment of its debts, obligations, and claims shall be transferred to and become the property of the Norfolk State University Alumni Association, within 90 days.

1. A Chapter Member may be suspended or terminated by the Chapter upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee whenever it is determined that the member action is detrimental to the Chapter. Upon notification of the action of the Executive Committee, the Member shall cease immediately to function and if applicable, he or she shall transmit all records and monies to the Chapter President within five days.
2. Chapter Officers or Members are subject to disciplinary action if he or she does not conform to the principles, aims, and purposes of the Chapter as set forth in these Bylaws and is guilty of conduct that is not in the best interest of the Chapter.


Norfolk State University Alumni Association, PGCMDC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, pregnancy, political affiliation, identity as a veteran, military service membership, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal laws.

Acts of God, Natural Disasters, Unforeseeable Phenomenon Circumstances which no human foresight can provide against, and of which human prudence is not bound to recognize the possibility, and when they do occur, will allow for governing the Prince George’s County Maryland Chapter accordingly. Therefore, provisions and Standard Operating Procedures are subject to leniency for the betterment of the continuity of the chapter to conduct business or preserve the safety of Chapter members.
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